Kilmihil Vocational School was established in 1938 and located in the parish hall in the centre of the village. The complex was built by the local community mostly by voluntary labour. It comprised a dance hall and three rooms which were put at the disposal of the County Clare Vocational Education Committee. The curriculum included Woodwork, Home Economics and general subjects. During the day the building was used by the school authorities and at night time the Community had access to the facilities for educational, cultural and leisure activities. This was a unique initiative at the time.

This partnership continued until 1966 when the then Department of Education constructed a new Vocational School on the northern side of the village. It had four rooms at the beginning but with the growth in school numbers more space was needed. A major extension which included a gymnasium and specialist rooms was opened in 1986.. A football field and running track were also developed and are widely used. Further additions took place with the addition of prefabs.

A great debt of gratitude is owed to the people who had the foresight to build the original school in 1938 and to those who have continued the good work ever since. Ceard Scoil Cill Mhichil, now St Michael’s Community College, is still carrying on in the same tradition as before. Its modern up-to-date facilities are used by the students during the day and available to the Community at other times for a variety of activities.